"..it's my imagination on the outside…"- Louise

I got the Golden Ticket

This is my iphone case.


A few months ago I went looking for one

and saw this and it hit me.


Everyone wanted to go to the Chocolate Factory. They all bought a lot of Wonka bars too. They ate a lot of chocolate.

Only a small number of kids get a golden ticket.

(I've met an Augustus, a few Violets and a handful of Mikes.)

(one Veruca)

Once you get into the chocolate factory, the trials start.

The golden ticket only gets you in. The rest you have to earn.

Just ask Charlie.

It's tough.

Ya might drink the Fizzy Lifting Drink or sneak a gobstopper along the way…

take a psychedelic boat ride …

The reality is, at every turn, you have to make the right choices. The right decision will lead to another choice… and another….


maybe you

get to ride in that glass elevator.

That's when Mr. Wonka passes his hat.

“You've won Charlie.”

Then you realize, there is even more work ahead. He feels you are up to the task. You've earned it.

You wanted this. More with every trial. More with every decision.

You get the factory.

You get to make a lot of chocolate. For years to come. With your name on the label.

Perhaps heavy is the head that wears that lovely pumpkin colored top hat,

but hard work and passion make good chocolate.


Here in the Chocolate Factory… the days blend into one another.

Busy is good. Busier and wiser every day.

We get by by taking breaks in the chocolate room, eating a tea cup or two

and singing this song…

Pure Imagination

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  1. Beautiful.

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